Poster 1ccc43ef82-posterAn accident and the inability to walk belong to the protagonist’s past as axioms, postulates that do not need to be explained. Each and every one of us is somehow touched by disability. As the storylines progresses, the finely interwoven threads of the plot unravel, showing how the main character feels like a burden not only to society, but also to his family, and to himself. Nonetheless, his story proves that anybody can get their chance to start anew. Thanks to a challenge invented by his friends, he manages to find his way and his place in the world. This has nothing to do with a mere show-off of exaggerate sympathy, but is in fact an expression of coherence of thoughts and actions, which together can plant the seed of equality. The values of friendship and love will allow all of us to find our way.

Directed by Elisa Possenti (Italy)

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