Award-winning teen comedy “Clean Up on Aisle Nine” streaming now at ISA channel

A traditional heart-warming comedy, written and directed by Derrick J. Johnson, that promises to keep you laughing all the way to the toilet. Available now at ISA streaming channel.

Cody O’Ryan, all American high school football star, craves popularity and dates with hot girls, especially with head cheerleader Kelly Hudson. After a spectacular play, that won the game for his team, he is invited to a victory party that Kelly will definitely attend. His plans are derailed when his mother is called in to work, and he has to babysit the bane of his existence, his younger, nerdy brother, Chandler. Things become catastrophic when Cody is forced to take Chandler to the store and they briefly bump into Kelly, and even more daunting, during an apparent store robbery. Faced with a life and death event and fearing that this may be their last day on Earth together, Cody and Chandler must set aside their differences and come to terms with their true feelings about life, family and their feelings for each other.

Awarded Gold Best Child/Young Actor (Tyler Minevich) and Bronze Best Comedy Short on March 2019, the 17-minute teen comedy “Clean Up on Aisle Nine” is one of the almost 200 amazing award-winning films already gathered at the exclusive Independent Shorts Awards streaming channel.

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