Bronze Awards: October 2020

Best Indie Short: See You Again by Keishi Kondo (Japan)

Best Drama ShortProject Bau by Sajan Jose (USA)

Best Comedy ShortShe’s Sick by Charlie Howard (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortGreen Banana by Richard Zelniker (USA)

Best Thriller Short: The Wolf Delivers by Thomas Crouser Jr (USA)

Best Crime ShortSchism: Me, Myself & Authenticity by Andrew Kovac (USA)

Best Mystery ShortChinatown: Keep Out by Tye Liu (USA)

Best Horror ShortWet Willy by Nic Stanich (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortEve by Sonny P. Louis (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: Hunted by Joey Katches (USA)

Best Romantic Short: Quarantine Night Stand by Ronald Brown Jr (USA)

Best Experimental ShortHope Tragic Sky by Michael Garza-Gongora (USA)

Best Student ShortCocoon by Maxfield Cooper Smith (USA)

Best Animation ShortHome? by Helena Giersz (USA)

Best Children Short: How The Colors Came To Be: A Geometry Fable by Jessica Salinas (USA)

Best Women ShortChinese Ring by Yunxia Wang (China)

Best LGBTQ ShortChrysalis by Alaa Safi (Italy)

Best MicrofilmMy I Love You by E.C. Waters (USA)

Best Screendance ShortTomorrow by Shaun Parker (Australia)

Best Music VideoGhosted by Michelle Rose (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotIthaca: Season 1 by Jay Saunders (USA)

Best Web and New Media: My Name is Shaun by Ann Topolsky (UK)

Best Mobile Short: Corona Chaser by Young Man Kang (South Korea)

Best Director (Female): Nourah Al Hasawi for Courage (USA)

Best Director (Male): Jack Brame for The Grand Gesture (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Anna Martin for bun·ny /’bənē/ – lost girl (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Omar Salhi for A Logical Sale (UK)

Best First Time Director (Female): Parker Ronan for Transpo (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Pierre Leon Luneau and Mathieu Cayrou for Place du Trocadéro (France)

Best Young Filmmaker: Ilana Grollman for Living with Dementia (USA)

Best Actress: Agnès Soral for Place du Trocadéro (France)

Best Actor: Peter Knox for Armstrong (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Gunnar deYoung for Adulting (France)

Best Acting Duo: James Counihan and Brian Westerley for Schism: Me, Myself & Authenticity (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Amber Nash, Luke Davis, Susie Davidow, and Patrick Demmick for That Was Awesome! (USA)

Best Cinematography: Pamela Albarran for Place du Trocadéro (France)

Best Editing: Cristian Trujillo García for Broken Window Theory (Colombia)

Best Production Design: Xiety (USA)

Best Visual FX: Donut Shop (USA)

Best Sound DesignMeanwhile At A Cabin Somewhere Near Fairplay, CO (USA)

Best Original Score: ODAtakumi for See You Again (Japan)

Best Original Story: Ania Gauer for Adulting (France)

Best Short ScriptNew Moon 5280 by Dean Harakas (USA)






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