Finalists: October 2020

3 Sons by Ed Sayers (UK)

A War on Friendly Grounds by King Jaquell Martin and Deante Gray (USA)

Bard Words by Paul Kelly (USA)

Beginning of the End by Ching ching Cheng (USA)

Big White Tote by Qingyi Dong (USA)

Breathing Drill by Natasha Nutkiewicz (USA)

California Rising by Rob Villanueva (USA)

Caravan by Tibor Vona (Hungary)

Colorons le ciel by Lisa Bolduc (Canada)

Come and Go by Atefeh Kheirabadi and Mehrad Sepahnia (Germany)

Dinner at Vanessa’s by George Threadgold (UK)

Elderflower Syrup With Soda Water by Tibor Vona (Hungary)

Evol by Ta’Rhonda Jones (USA)

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family by Thomas Connelly (USA)

First Time by Matheus Malburg Bosco (Brazil)

Get A Job Ya Bum by Stephen Bowker (Australia)

Goodnight and Goodbye by Elijah Noble El (USA)

Happy Birthday by Jigyasa Anand (UK)

Hearts and Stripes by Sorin Pavelesco (Canada)

How the World Becomes Black and White by Liu Ying (China)

Hudood by Daraksha Rehman (Canada)

I am Julius by Tasha Sanders (Australia)

In by Kseniia I (Russia)

July by Bianca Dovarro (USA)

Just a Memory by Roman Aldaine (USA)

Kalley’s Last Review by Julia Bailey Johnson (USA)

Killer Quarantine: The Webseries by Tony Czech (USA)

La Masa (A Simple Recipe) by Ella May Kirby (UK)

Letting Go by Hudson Hillin (USA)

Life After Oblivion by Tommy Anderson (USA)

Life is Complicated by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

Life of Nick Speed by Nick Tomkins (Australia)

Locked Away by Ryan McChesney (USA)

Milk by Rathan P Murganantham (USA)

Nausea Bay by William Stancik (USA)

Oblivious by Roy Boucher (USA)

Of Artists and Animals by Hayden Livesay (USA)

Old Book by Amano Aiko (Japan)

Paint On Paint # 2 by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Pandemic Fix by Rob Thorp (USA)

Pandora’s Box by Alex Rowan Cattell (USA)

Perpetual Anamnesis by Joseph Villapaz (USA)

Rage by Goldie Jones (USA)

Reserve Psychology by Jordan Drake (USA)

Right Swipe by Alison Scorgie (UK)

Sang Del Drac by Vincent McLean (USA)

Semisweet by Melissa Hahn Zoutendam (USA)

Skyboy by Eje Izokun (Canada)

Smokestack by Brandon Townsend (USA)

Something is in the House by Elijah Roberts (USA)

Staged by Matthew Wayne Roberts (USA)

Stallion Blues by Ryan Oligmueller (USA)

Superhero by Marshall Weishuai Yuan (Australia)

The Blair Bitch Project by Peter Loung and Chloe Macleod (Canada)

The Book by Jef Figallo (USA)

The Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze by Nina Ross (UK)

The Feast of The Goat by Saeed Zamanian (Iran)

The Therapy by Daniel Aurelio (USA)

The Transformers: Regeneration (2021 Fan Film) by Jack Hussey (USA)

To Be Free by Glenna P. Diggs (USA)

Tough Love by Warren Lane (USA)

Travel Today With Lea: LA Little Tokyo by Lea Welles (USA)

Trilogy: Respect, Love, Compassion by Tom Weston (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Tweaked by Roger Turner Jr (USA)

U-N-I-Vs-ALL by Cameron Record (USA)

Unspoken Words by Scott F. Evans (USA)

Watcher – Mizero by Jennifer D’Andrea aka Mizero (USA)

Who’s Molly? by Karina A. Lopez (USA)

Wine Night by Jess Wolinsky (USA)

Wolves by Desmond Levi Jackson (USA)

Worshipped As Gods by Alex Rowan Cattell (USA)






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