In this harrowing post-apocalyptic world where giant spider-like creatures have overwhelmed much of the human population, four high-school boys find themselves huddled in a secluded cabin nestled in Californian woods. It was their spring break. And suddenly, it was the end of days.

Of the four boys is Alan, an outsider, a reclusive kid with a passion for writing and a long history of being bullied. The same history carries on inside this cabin as all the boys, due to cabin fever and the mental toll of the apocalypse, grow increasingly savage and liken Alan to a punching bag for their stress, control, and ego. Even with the monsters outside, there are still monsters within.

When one night, after a brutal beating, Alan wakes up to one of the creatures, glowing a bright green light, dangerously close to the cabin. Doing everything he can to keep the place as a civil and safe haven, but increasingly going savage himself, Alan contends with the claustrophobia, the dangers outside and in, and the darkest of all thoughts.

Does Alan fight to live to fight another day? Or does he succumb to what the other boys have succumbed to long ago?

Directed by Taka Tsubota (USA)

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