Ten Thousand Times

Ten Thousand Times 

If life had 10,000 chances to restart, how would you reverse the occurrence of tragedies?

  The mafia boss Nine received news of his girlfriend Xiao Jiang’s tragic death after a gambling game ended. He hurried to the scene. In the messy room, lightning reflected Xiao Jiang’s pool of blood and corpse. Nine, who had lost his beloved, collapsed. Suddenly, a light appeared behind him, and Nine chose to walk towards the light…

  After waking up, Nine returned to the familiar game, the same scene, the same characters, but he hoped to have a different ending. As the plot unfolds, is it happiness or regret? For the sake of love, will you change the ending or repeat the same mistakes?

(This film is divided into two parts: the first part is a short film, and the second part is a narrative-style music video.)

Directed by Li Huan-Yu (Taiwan)

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