Seal Show (from "How We Do" Sketches of the Species Part 2)

Seal Show (from “How We Do” Sketches of the Species Part 2)

Absurdist dramedy sketches & scene mashups…unraveling Homo sapiens. B&W experimental theater aesthetic; each episode 2-3 sketches. EXPLICIT. (Proof-of-concept: 30 min TV show)

“Seal Show”: A family outing to the zoo. A rogue sea lion fatally rips out its trainer’s throat. A little girl loses her ball-ball. Which story will the TV reporter follow? Cormorant-tipping with drones is a sport, a reporter is outed on live TV by a Jamaican wet-nurse. Evan Hansen is spotted at the zoo and everything in the world sucks. The End.

Directed by Peter A Macnamara (USA)

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