World premiere of powerful award-winning drama “The Plea” at the 2022 Annual Awards in September

The Plea

Award-winning 34-minute drama short “The Plea” (USA) premieres at the 2022 Annual Awards in Hollywood. Nominated for Best Indie Short and Best Actor of the Year, the compelling drama directed by Independent Shorts Awards alumni Michael David Charles Hicks and starring also Independent Shorts Awards alumni Colin James O’Gorman plays in the block 13 (Dramas) on September 18th, 4.25pm, at Raleigh Studios.

“The Plea” revolves around two men who traverse the wilderness after a plague wipes out the population. In their struggles, their friendship is tested as they explore if mercy is inhumane or a moral obligation.

Michael David Charles Hicks at the 2020 Annual Awards

“This film has been on my mind persistently since we first made it in 2009. Having completed the film that year, I lost it only 3 days after it was finished due to my computer crashing and not having a back up like the amateur I was. Ever since then, I have always wanted to remake it. And while this is much different from that original zombie film (this was pre-Walking Dead), I couldn’t be more proud of the final product.”, states director Michael David Charles Hicks.

“The Plea” was awarded Platinum for Best Drama Short, Best Male Director and Best Actor in the season of August 2021.

Michael David Charles Hicks was awarded by Independent Shorts Awards Best Male Director of the Year in 2020. for “Eugene vs Humanity”, also recipient of the awards of Best Thriller Short and Best Original Story of the Year. The film granted also Colin James O’Gorman the award of Best Actor of the Year.

Both are back now with “The Plea”. A mandatory film to watch at the 2022 Annual Awards, in Hollywood, September 18th.

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