2020 Annual Award Winners

Best Indie Short

Butterfly produced by Tim Astor and Chris Abernathy, and directed by Bonnie Foster (USA)

Best Drama Short

Hollow Tooth produced by William Sineux, Alexandre Melot, and Gabriel de Azevedo, and directed by Samuel Kaperski (France)

Best Documentary Short

Sockeye Salmon, Red Fish produced by Dmitriy Shpilenok, Petr Shpilenok, and Anna Sukhova, and directed by Dmitriy Shpilenok and Vladislav Grishin (Russia)

Best Romantic Short

They Won’t Last produced by Richard Bailey and directed by Portlynn Tagavi (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Campy Spy produced by Mirian Perez Colindres and Madison Webster, and directed by Sabrina Robinson (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Thumb Runner produced and directed by Dylan Bruno and Kasper Vejlø Kristensen (USA)

Best Action Short

Violet Rain produced by Nicholas Givanio, Shaun Lupton, McKinley J. Pearce, Mikey Rare, and Garrett Van Vleck, and directed by Shaun Lupton (USA)

Best Thriller Short

Eugene vs Humanity produced by Michael David Charles Hicks, Colin James O’Gorman, and Peter Oberth, and directed by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

Best Horror Short

Deep Shock produced by Luca Vannella, Alexis Continente, Vincenzo Mastrantonio, Bobby Holland Hanton, Ferdinando Merolla, and Roberto Paglialunga, and directed by Davide Melini (UK)

Best Mystery Short

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away produced and directed by Thad Lee (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Dead Man’s Bluff produced by Doug Wirth, Calvin Green, Sandra McCurdy, and Eric Williford, and directed by Franklin Guerrero, Jr (USA)

Best Crime Short

One Last Last Heist produced by Courtney Hicks, Darrin Rose, and Cameron Macdonald, and directed by Darrin Rose (Canada)

Best Fantasy Short

Dance of the Porcelain Demons produced by Neil Clements and directed by Cat Watson (UK)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Simulation produced by Khaled Abdallah and Hashem Al-Ghaili, and directed by Hashem Al-Ghaili (Germany)

Best Western Short

Spindletop: The Beginning produced by Jason Leal, Doug Underwood, and Joe Lee, and produced by Jason Leal (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Whispers produced and directed by Bruno Dayan (USA)

Best Student Short

Vincent produced by Disi Guo and directed by Gabriele Di Sazio (USA)

Best Animation Short

Umbrella produced by Helena Hilario and directed by Helena Hilario and Mario Pece (Brazil)

Best Children Short

Circus Sam produced by Georgina Pope and Roy Finch, and directed by Rayner Wang (Japan)

Best Women Short

Alia produced by Sreehari Purimetla, Aditya Joshi, Akshay Thaker, and Colorify Productions, and directed by Sreehari Purimetla and Aditya Joshi (India)

Best LGBTQ Short

Innocent Boy produced by Deiadra Armstrong and Brock Cravy, and directed by Brock Cravy (USA)

Best Microfilm

Amara produced and directed by Ethan Chance (USA)

Best Music Video

The Enigma Men – Marquis Of Vaudeville produced and directed by Toby Lawhon and Geneva Arena (USA)

Best Director (Female)

Annie Chen for Glitches (Taiwan)

Best Director (Male)

Sreehari Purimetla and Aditya Joshi for Alia (India)

Best Student Director (Female)

Cat Watson for Dance of the Porcelain Demons (UK)

Best Student Director (Male)

Gabriele Di Sazio for Vincent (USA)

Best Actress

Sanya Bansal for Alia (India)

Best Actor

Colin James O’Gorman for Eugene vs Humanity (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress

Angelina Capozzoli for God’s Gracie (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor

Keegan Bouton for Spindletop: The Beginning (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Vivian Davidson, Barsam Naemi, Maia Rose Michaels, Derrick van Wyk, and Dan Vaida for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Best Cinematography

Matthew Plaxco for Alina (USA)

Best Editing

Jonathan Lawrence for Carnival of Wonders (USA)

Best Visual FX

Moritz Bock, Pietro Coco, Monika Gross, Michael Grund, David Henning, Felix Knoche, Robert Masula, Delfina Mayer, Tobias Moenninger, Stefan Müller, Cong Nguyen, Jan Piccart, Daniel Rath, Tom Schirdewahn, Lennart Stenzel, Benjamin Sugar, Pál Tauszig, and Christoph Zippel for Simulation (Germany)

Best Original Score

Matteo Pagamici for Simulation (Germany)

Best Original Story

Michael David Charles Hicks for Eugene vs Humanity (USA)

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