The Manager Position

The Manager Position

From Oscar winning Producer Andrew Carlberg (Skin) and starring Emmy nominated Jackie Hoffman(Feud) we present to you, The Manager Position.

Months after losing his job, a man is still unable to tell his wife.

Philip was let go from his job five months ago due to a recession that led to his company’s closing. While he has used the time to seek employment, it’s been all dead ends and rejections. To make matters worse, he has yet to tell his pregnant stay-at-home wife about his termination. With no job on the horizon, and nowhere to go during working hours, he returns to his old office building to remind him of his former self. At a breaking point, he commandeers the vacant manager’s office, and his world starts to open up with new opportunities as he finds himself among others that are also experiencing financial and employment hardship.

Directed by Craig Trow (USA)

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