In the Fray

In the Fray

Multimedia Collaboration with Visual Artist Allyson Glenn (assisted by Visual Artists Shelby Lund, Lucy Zhou, and Nicole Leroy), Music Composer Silas Friesen, and the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra (SJO).

“In the Fray” is the second of two pieces made in collaboration with the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra (SJO) for a project called Dimensions in Sound, simulating the phenomenon of sound synesthesia. This project builds on a previous collaboration with the orchestra in 2018, when Glenn created and projected a 3D animation including shapes represented categories of instruments – percussion, brass, and wind – to simulate the movements that she “saw” in her mind’s eye (i.e., timbre shape chromesthesia). Allyson received the music and began the animations by selecting open-source video footage of damaged vintage film that could capture the scratchy, painterly, and fluid shapes of the music in her mind’s eye. With assistants Shelby Lund (Master of Fine Arts (MFA) student University of Saskatchewan), Lucy Zhou (BSc), and Nicole Leroy (MFA), she created drawings using the rotoscope method to transcribe the collaged footage.

“In the Fray” explores early film making mediums and digital technology. With Alice and the rabbit, the viewer is lured down a hole and into a tunnel where they experience series of analogue and digital abstractions. Like the phrase ‘internet rabbit hole’ where infinite search engine paths lead to disorientation, the title phrase “In the fray” can also suggest a struggle, a deconstruction and re-arrangement of form. This idea is captured by transitions between scenes where geometrical shapes morph and change. Like the title and themes in Carroll’s iconic story Alice in Wonderland, what and who emerges from the hole is inevitably different and forever changed.

Directed by Allyson Lorraine Glenn (Canada)

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