Eve, Eve

Eve, Eve

“Eve, Eve” is an anti-SciFi short film.

In setting of the future, every family owns a live-in AI maid. They are all designed to have female appearance.
Each humanoid wears a collar serving as their command receptor as well as the energy source. Once they take off their collar, they will soon power off.
Reversing the path of human migration and evolution, “Eve, Eve” tells a story about two humanoid maids get out of their host home, leave the city, lurk into the suburbs, to get back to the ocean, where life is originated from.

What could be the abilities that humans may never teach AI?
–Those abilities that we have already forgotten.
I was trying to answer this question in “Eve, Eve” by letting our creations recall those abilities: the abilities to aestheticize nature, to look directly into each other and escape from the first person narratives, to unload the technology to experience the lightness, to be part of the nature and in the end, to be part of each other.
–These for me are the ultimate humanity.

In the story, no entity with collar could cross the boundary between the land and the ocean. To get back to the ocean, the AI maids have to take off their collar. The scene of them helping each other to take off the collar, I include the sound transiting from rocket launch, to army marching, to chanting the Sutras, to the first recording sound of human voice, each symbolizes technology, war, religion – the creation of human. Also, this scene symbolizes two AI maids giving birth to each other, where the title “Eve, Eve” comes from.

“珊瑚”, the Chinese name of the film, means “coral”, a creature that often confuses people: is coral dead or alive? is coral animal or plant? –while corals live in the ocean, quietly.

“Eve, Eve” tries to explore the alternative forms of using frames with the particular experiment with split screen. We expect to observe new cinematic language emerging from the interaction of split screen.
Along with the plot, the sound evolves from electronic sound to human voice and finally to the sound of ocean waves. Parallel, the lighting of the film starts with urban artificial light, goes through the darkness, and ends up with natural light.

“Eve, Eve” is from a first time female filmmaker, with all Asian crews. The director is a PhD candidate majoring in System Engineering.

Directed by Ruoyun Chen (USA)

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