Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse

Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse
Ek Jhalak: A Glimpse

Can a man fall for a woman he has never met? And what if she is not who he imagined her to be?

Ek Jhalak is a modern romance story set in an Indian suburb. Naman, a single parent in his mid-thirties, has gradually grown fond of his new neighbour who he has never met, incidentally. Naman has, however, caught a few glimpses of this neighbour. He has also discovered different facets of her – she is a doting mother, a devoted daughter, a working woman of the 21st century supporting her family; just like him.
His eagerness to finally meet her and know her person brings him to her doorsteps one day, only to have his own idea of love reshaped.
So, who is this neighbour of Naman – watch Ek Jhalak to know more!

Directed by Deepmala (India)

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