Documentary “Who is Ida?” in Malawi streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Who is Ida?” tells the story of one woman’s triumph in bringing change to her corner of Malawi, a small, land-locked country in Africa. With creative, home-grown ideas, Ida has tackled problems ranging from famine during her community’s dry season to deforestation of the countryside. Ida has also helped girls continue their educations, and some even to escape from forced marriages. She is the Pied Piper of kindness, where one neighbor helped pays it forward by “Passing on the Kindness.” The University of Michigan Executive MBA program has even sent students to Malawi to study how Ida has grown her organization from 65 to 4,000 volunteers (each pays 7 cents a month to participate… but they can pay it over time if that sum is too great on their meager budgets).

Who is Ida?
Who is Ida?

Who is Ida?” (USA), a 28-minute documentary directed by Ken Kobre, is now available for streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV. Finalist of the round of January 2020.

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