ISA premieres award-winning “Bigger Than Life” at February red carpet live screening in Hollywood

Bigger Than Life
Bigger Than Life

In the City of Angels four people meet during a car sharing trip. It’s a driver and three clients. They come from four different parts of the world and they meet that day like they have a mysterious appointment.

Bigger Than Life” (USA), the mandatory indie short directed by Italian Marina Rocco, premieres at the February red carpet live screening of Independent Shorts Awards. At Raleigh Studios Hollywood on Feb 13th, Thursday, at 5.30 pm.

Starring Hayley Mcfarland, Bahram Khosraviani, Marina Rocco and Jack Cho, “Bigger Than Life” was awarded Best Film of December 2019, Platinum Best Indie Short, Best Director (Female), Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Story.

The screening is followed by a Q&A with the director Marina Rocco and producer Guja Quaranta.

Besides “Bigger Than Life“, Independent Shorts Awards plays award-winning “Interlude” by Eli Snyder (USA) (Q&A with director Eli Snyder), “Métèque” by Lauren Blackwell (UK) (Q&A with writer & lead actress Lyna Dubarry, and co-producer Morgane Ramet), “Missing” by Alexander Hankoff (USA) (Q&A with lead actor Paul Arthaud and sound designer Stephen Dewey), and “When La Rumorosa Quiets” by Patricia Montoya (Mexico) (Q&A with director Patricia Montoya).

Tickets on sale.

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