What’s to Come

What's to Come
What’s to Come

“What’s to Come” is a cautionary tale about what our future could hold with the trajectory of current events, and the leadership of a secret eugenics-based organization preparing for a future that might be far worse than Nazi Germany… if it can’t be stopped.

Our series follows Hope Garber, a college Freshman who’s trying to be her own person. Hope is stunned when her African-American childhood best friend Ava, is shot at a non-hate rally on campus. While Hope processes what happened, and Ava remains in a coma, support comes from her friends and a new guy named Danny Larson who relates to her vulnerability. Having lost both his parents, Danny has big dreams and a need for belonging. He and his intense friends are members of a secret society on campus that’s recruiting young men to be groomed as the elite leaders of the future, because of their ‘superior’ genetics.

What initially seems to be the story of a shooting on campus, becomes a character-driven journey as our community deals with what happened, and various sides are represented, grappling with the issues of today – racial tensions, immigration, the role of women, government, and our future.

Directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz (USA)

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