The Wounded Souls of the Rann

The Wounded Souls of the RannThe most humble and yet the most important ingredient of our food is salt. Life cannot be imagined without it.

And yet we know practically nothing about the people who make. A community called the Agarias makes most of the salt produced in India in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat.

They work in horrifying, sub-human conditions and earn a pittance for devoting their lives to providing us with this most essential of food items. Shifting their dwellings twice in a year and that too for the last six centuries, this migrating community has sustained its culture. It indeed is remarkable. As a community the Agarias are a resilient people, committed to carry on with the work they have been doing for the last six centuries or so – of continuing to make salt irrespective of the hardships and the challenges confronting them. No govt. agency is bothered with doing anything for them. No wonder most of them are caught in a debt trap and exploited ruthlessly.

The film provides a glimpse into their lives and their socio-economic condition while following the community round the year.

Directed by Dinesh Lakhanpal (India)

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