Award-winning LGBTQ drama “The Mask I Wear” premieres at ISA TV channel

The Mask I Wear
The Mask I Wear

A man beat down and weathered by social norms is challenged with balancing a conservative family life while coming to terms with his own reality.

The Mask I Wear (USA), a 15-minute drama short directed by Brett Newton, is streaming now at ISA TV channel. Awarded Gold Best LGBTQ Short in June 2019.

“Before the writing or production began on this project, I knew this was a true story based on Jai Santiago’s (Executive Producer/Lead Actor) real life experience. This experience was a huge part of Jai’s life journey and where he comes from”, explains director Brett Newton.

“What makes ‘The Mask I Wear’ different is the fact that it’s an original film that has evolved from an actual relatable experience. Contextually, this film resonates from three varying perspectives – each with their own valid views. As the last scene fades to black and the credits scroll, the ultimate takeaway is to do whatever may be reasonably feasible to making the most of all our moments in the present while we have them”, he adds.

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