Award-winning dark comedy “Flopsee & Buttercup” premieres at ISA TV channel

Flopsee and Buttercup
Flopsee and Buttercup

After 25 years as a professional clown, Flopsee develops stage fright and is booed at a children’s birthday party. Accused of “going number two” in his pants and fired from the clowning agency, Flopsee refuses to take his costume off. Despite couples therapy and ultimatums from his wife, he pushes his marriage to the brink. Clinically depressed, he lies in bed all day. On the rare occasions when Flopsee leaves the house, he has vicious custard pie fights with the local clowns.

Flopsee & Buttercup (USA), a 18-minute drama short directed by Freddie Connor, is streaming now at ISA TV channel. Awarded honorable mention for Best Comedy Short in October 2019.

“The story of ‘Flopsee and Buttercup’ follows a clinically depressed professional clown and the breakdown of his marriage. I have often heard that the best dark comedy comes from a foundation of truth with a sprinkle of suffering. Having a background as an actor, I wanted to ensure that the characters, although heightened, were based on reality. The script was structured like a mini-feature so that there was a full character arch for the protagonist”, states director Freddie Connor.

“I aimed to create a stylized dark comedy that was honest and heartfelt. I know that many films utilize the innate comedy of clowns from a slapstick angle, and I thought it would be interesting to flip the genre on its head and create a piece that focused on the challenges of being a professional clown. I was interested in the inner life, goals and dreams of the character; also, the obstacles and challenges that any relationship encounters”, he adds.

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