Award-winning British horror short “Karaoke” is streaming at ISA TV channel

Failed musician Vanessa comes home from her stale office job one evening to find a version of herself already inside her own house, and is unable to escape.

Karaoke” (UK), a powerful 20-minutes surrealistic short directed by Simon Richards, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded honorable mention for Best Horror Short in April 2018.


The sound design for “Karaoke” took six months to complete and creates an uneasy sonic landscape for the characters to move around in. The sound was inspired by musique-concréte artists such as Pierre Schaeffer. In order to achieve the unnerving effects, a total of 80 tracks were layered on top of each other, incorporating the sound of glaciers, an exorcism, desert wind, a human foetus’ heartbeat inside the womb, a broken old church organ which sounds like a torture instrument, and buzzing insects.

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