Award-winning Canadian drama short “Viaticum” premieres at ISA TV channel

A recovering alcoholic, Liz Newey, who has left her past behind, is interrupted in her early morning recitation of the Twelve Steps by a phone call. Her father, estranged for twenty-three years, is on his death bed at a Toronto hospital. As Father Warren offers Frank the sacrament of Viaticum, Liz journeys to emotional freedom.

Viaticum” (Canada), a 29-minute drama short directed by Lara Daans, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Gold Best First Time Director (Female) and Best Actress (Lara Daans), and Silver Best Women Short in September 2019.


A mandatory short film.

“As a director, I hoped the audience would feel the interconnectedness between all the characters. I utilized flashbacks as a means for the audience to understand where Liz was coming from and to experience her struggle to confront her father after twenty-three years of estrangement. I was blessed to have my own daughter play the young Liz character”, states Lara Daans about her debut short film as a director. “‘Viaticum’, the giving of the last rites, is about confession, absolution, redemption and letting go. Hopefully, this film allows its audience to identify with an aspect of their lives in a way that grants permission to address any personal quest for forgiveness. This would, for me, equate to the film being worthwhile”, she adds.

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