Award-winning Japanese indie short “Too Young: Two Mornings” premieres at ISA channel

Too Young: Two Morning
Too Young: Two Mornings

Tomomi Sato, a 20-years-old girl, lives in the countryside of southern Japan. She decides to move in with her boyfriend living in Tokyo. However, he doesn’t appear at their meeting spot in Ueno, Tokyo.
Disappointed with him, Tomomi wanders through the city all night and meets Tajima Katsuya in a bar, who also just came to Tokyo from the countryside to meet his father who is critically ill.

Too Young: Two Mornings“, the mandatory 44-minute indie short written and directed by Japanese Takuya Okamoto, is streaming now at ISA channel. Awarded Platinum Best Indie Short, Best Director (Male) and Best Acting Duo (Tomomi Okuda and Katsuya Kubo), and Silver Best Original Story, in February 2019.

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