Interview with James Todd, ISA award-winning for “Post Mortem”

ISA award-winning James Todd talks about his short film “Post Mortem”, awarded Platinum Best Animation Short in July season, a portrait of Death’s job from… Death’s perspective.

Post Mortem
Post Mortem

ISA: What made you decide to make “Post Mortem”?

James Todd: In my final year of university, we had the opportunity to make a film so of course, I had to. The idea is one I’ve had for rather a long time. Initially, I knew I wanted to do a film that personified a force of nature in a way that isn’t usually done. For example, the sea is often seen as an all-powerful anger when personified, or mother nature is also strong yet vengeful life giver. Death is often seen as an evil, almost spiteful spirit, I wanted to turn that a little on its head. In my film, Death is sad to be doing his job, yet does it anyway.

ISA: What does “Post Mortem” mean to you?

JT: For me, the film has many meanings. For Death himself, he has to do his job despite the fact that he is unhappy. For many of us, we have to do jobs that may make us unhappy but need to, to live. Despite this, he still has time to find joy in it, when he befriends the last rabbit. I imagine Death as someone who is cursed with having to do this job, but perhaps sees the greater picture. Who knows what will happen to him after everything is dead. For me though, it is more about the fact that I was able to make a film from start to end by myself. Of course I’d like to thank Luke Priest (who also won an award, an Honorable Mention for Best Original Score) for the music which I think was very touching.

ISA: What’s next?

JT: I’m definitely going to do a happy film. One that allows me to use a larger color pallet than just browns and where the main character isn’t frowning for the majority of it.

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