Pickford Theater: Block 2.8 – Mysteries & Horror (Sunday 12th, 1.35pm – 3.20pm)

Place du Trocadero

Paul has need for money and take a strange appointement with a guy for money and a fork. Evelyne Marieux is a well-known journalist into Paris, she is dining into the restaurant where Paul works, she seems also interessed by the forks.

Directed by Pierre Leon Luneau and Mathieu Cayrou (France)

The Fall Line

Two Park Rangers are trying to prove themselves in different ways while isolating themselves through a Winter Caretaking job at their local National Park. Tension rise as one of the Rangers falls victim to his bad habits.

Directed by Maryann Lonergan (USA)


Running away, haunted by something, real or imagined, as her insanity grows to a suspenseful, hysterical pitch.

Directed by Giorgio Carlevaro (USA)

North America premiere

The Two Missing Hours

Lisa is pursued by an omnipotent evil force, her father that is turning her whole world against her while it whispers a warning from the shadows: “…if you find your lipstick, you’ll find your missing two hours.

Directed by Jean Claude Thibaut (USA)

Lucky, Lucky

When Lucky, a foreign film translator starts another shift at a bootleg movie theatre performing a live dub to an Australian soap nothing is out of the ordinary. However, things soon progress into a downward spiral when Bobby the predatory theatre owner makes forceful advancements on Lucky.

Directed by Jonah Lindley (Australia)


Upon arriving at a safe house, two travelers find themselves in a deadly game of hide and seek.

Directed by Alexander Callens (USA)

World premiere

Life Was Wonderful

A psychological thriller following the story of Jason Miles, a young award winning journalist who relocates to Los Angeles and finds his life turned upside down because of his selfish choices.

Directed by Toy Alan (USA)

A Parable For Winter

In the dead of winter, two brothers are set apart by grief and vengeance.

Directed by Conor Soucy (USA)

California premiere