Independent Shorts Awards


A young man, lost in a monotonous career, stumbles upon a mysterious radio that reignites the dreams he had as a child.
Directed by Dustin Pearson (USA)


Andrew and Sarah’s New York Apartment is infested…with Nazis. But you know what they say: if one person in a building gets Nazis and doesn’t do anything about it, we all get Nazis. So the young couple decides to venture out to find the source…
Directed by Andrew Baldwin (USA)

The Grave Inc.

The days leading to Jesus’ death and resurrection, Mrs. Grave and Lucifer’s demon make plans on how to keep Jesus of Nazareth in the tomb and stop him from coming back to life.
Directed by Debbie Soni (USA)


A father of a family suddenly suffers from a discomfort, whereas a killer breaks into his home…
Directed by Mr. Bouhaïk (France)


An estranged family tries to reconnect amid the wreckage of post-Maria Puerto Rico. Starring Mela Murder as Milagros and Kareem Savingnon as Manuel.
Directed by Kristian Mercado (USA)

White Pickett Fence

Miriam Pickett, successful businesswoman, mother of two, wife of beloved Teddy Pickett, a woman of faith, and friend to all. Miriam believes there’s a solution to every problem and wakes up every day with a smile on her face.
Directed by Jacqueline King-Howell (USA)


A nervous man goes through his daily routine and runs into odd characters along the way.
Directed by Ryan Kight (USA)

The Door

A man’s past takes over his mind when he steps into an unexpected encounter.
Directed by Lola Rùi (USA)


“Blossom” is a short suburban gothic film about jealousy, childhood crushes, impulse and growing up queer. It focuses on the ‘hot babysitter’ stereotype but from a young girl’s perspective, Savannah Green.
Directed by Larissa Keer (USA)