Independent Shorts Awards


A castaway’s lonely life takes an unexpected turn when an unfamiliar object gets washed up on the beach.
Directed by Sabrina Marengo (UK)

Help Wanted

“Help Wanted” is an award-winning silent short comedy, made in the style of the early 1920s. Silent film production, direction, and acting techniques were used throughout the entire process. Silent films and music are the international languages, and if I can show this film all over the world, then maybe we can all laugh together. What a wonderful energy that would create. As in the early days of silent film, a wonderful organ score was written specifically for this film.
Directed by Mac Estelle (Michael Madden) (USA)

So Stonely: The May Company

“So Stonely” is a satirical music video commenting on the exaggerative nature of mid-20th-century anti-marijuana PSA films. Our humble protagonists find themselves pressured to try a new trending experience, whose psychedelic effects skyrocket our subjects into a hyperbolic world of idolatry and Illuminati cultist rituals, sending everyone spiraling through a horrifying metamorphosis. Will they ever find their way back again?
Directed by May McDonough and Daniel Lake (USA)

Liberal Jews

Jacob and Abigail are two young hip 20 somethings who have lived together for the past two years and have become inseparable. Almost to the point of exhaustion. Clearly madly in love, these two hit a road bump in their relationship. They have no real social life other than each other and have become capsulated in a routine that neither one wants to admit they want out, until now.
Directed by Aaron J. Balk (USA)

The Big Picture

Ten years after seeing Saturn through his telescope, a young amateur decides to go in search of the history of the Universe and embarks on a journey that takes him to meet some of the world’s leading cosmologists.
Directed by Diego Errazuriz (Chile)


Silvia (Teniece Divya Johnson), a heroin addict is living fix to fix, and on the fringe of society. During her lowest point, a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger (John O’Sullivan) allows her a chance at redemption.
Directed by Patrick Coker and Isaiah Jimenez-Mackson (USA)