Official Selection: April 2018

Official Selection April 2018

1st June by Gabriel Calderwood (UK)

’64 Koufax by Kobus Louw (USA)

A Matter of Taste by David Labrecque (Canada)

A Very Merry Unbirthday by Kiyanoush Jahaandideh (USA)

A Year Gone By by André Hope (Norway)

Adore The World by Wijnand Geraerts (Netherlands)

AXioMA by Elisa Possenti (Italy)

Bavaria by Paul Hoehenberger (Germany)

Bou (Bride) by Mahi Ramakrishnan (Malaysia)

Check Please! by Chad Meisenheimer and Shane Ryan (USA)

Collar by Russ Emanuel (USA)

Cops and Daughters by Max Ardron (UK)

Dana’s Story by Huey Rawls (USA)

David’s Here by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

Determination by Anna Tkebuchava (USA)

DNA of Wild Beasts by Delphine Montaigne (France)

Dystopia by Bellopropello (Switzerland)

Ego Sum! (I Am!) by Waner Biazus (Brazil)

Eh girl by Cassandre Émanuel (Canada)

El Gran Libano by Mounia AKL and Neto Villalobos (Lebanon)

Enginuity by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

Epilog by David Reynie (USA)

Esther by Rain (Xiaolin) Zheng (USA)

Fadeaway by Sofia Kyritsis (Canada)

Fool’s Gold: A Dolaucothi Love Story by Simon Howlett (UK)

Frames by Neil O’Neil (UK)

Game of Souls – Episode 1 by Max Koerner (Germany)

Giulia’s Place by Mauro Villani (Italy)

God Came ‘Round by Derek Frey (UK)

Good Mourning by Ian Morgan (South Africa)

Grey by Mann Shah (India)

Hearts Want by Jason P. Schumacher (USA)

Henningsson by Lina Engborg (Sweden)

Hero Complex by Mohamad AlYamani (USA)

Hold Hands Or Hide by Simon Wegrzyn (UK)

Hotel Al Naim by Shirin Abu Shaqra and Manuel Maria Perrone (Lebanon)

I Wanted To Tell You by Cohen Bacry (France)

Impuratus by Michael Yurinko (USA)

Inner Thoughts by Ember Crowley (USA)

Jahan Nostra “Embrace The Rain” by Jamil Hannibal Wilson and Shane McLellan (USA)

Just Keep Going by Kelsey Ward (USA)

Karaoke by Simon Richards (UK)

Kill The Engine by Derek Frey (USA)

Kingdom of Bliss by Malachi Whitten (USA)

LILT by Josiah Cuneo (USA)

Lion by Davide Melini (UK)

Mariam by Mohammed Jaffar (Iraq)

Mia und die Eule by Constantin Müller (Germany)

Midnight Blue by Trey Squire (USA)

Morgan by Alexander Basile and Mia Basile (Germany)

Mother (Om) by Ahmed Alkhudari (Kuwait)

Nasty Water! By Frank Luchs (Switzerland)

Nisa by Denise Teipel and Jennifer Newrkla (Austria)

Nothing But by Katrina Lena (USA)

Once Upon a Time: The Savannah by Robert Henno (Belgium)

One Day Love by Michael Mizrachi (Israel)

Only God Forgives by Tino Luciano (USA)

Personal Demons by Brinke Stevens (USA)

Pinwheel by Francesca Crichton (USA)

Rearview by Ren Thackham (Australia)

Relivation by Wouter Springer and Wim Bax (Netherlands)

Red Shirt by Mary C. Ferrara (USA)

Ro-Boob: The Farting Robot Monster by Logan Fry (USA)

Roulette by Christopher Greening (USA)

Safe by Tim Earnheart (USA)

Salamat From Germany by Rami Kodeih and Una Gunjak (France)

Sceptre by Rouben Manika (France)

Scouting for Light by Coline Morand (France)

Semper Paratus by John Gussman (USA)

Setback of the Spirit by Sa’ed Arouri (Jordan)

Sherry by Eliane Lima (USA)

Snug as a Bug by Louise C Galizia (UK)

Some Bad News by Alain Alfaro (USA)

Stage Fright by Stage Fright (UK)

Substratae by Margie Kelk (Canada)

Sudep (Sudden & Unexpected) by Tanzeal Rahim (Australia)

Suicide 101 by Randy Zuniga (USA)

Tanguito Argentino by Joaquin Braga (Argentina)

Ten Grand Even by Gilad Deutsch and Paz Davidovich (Israel)

Text Zen by Julián Castro and Alejo Rosemberg (Argentina)

The Eve by Luca Machnich (Italy)

The Firefox Guardian by Gunjan Menon (India)

The Freezer by Martin Keady (UK)

The Grey Area by Seth Ashby and Comika Hartford (USA)

The Grimoire Chapters: Rem by Michael Davis (USA)

The Journey by Jegen John Peter (Malaysia)

The Maze by Franco Lucchetti and Mauro Villani (Italy)

The Pacific: Beyond Words by Andrii Andreiev and Olga Andreieva (Ukraine)

The Pharaoh’s Eye by Alejandro Alberola (Mexico)

The Stolen River by Krisztina Danka (USA)

The Tell Tale Heart by Charles Sharman-Cox (UK)

The Uncanny Theory by Luiz Fernando Rohenkohl (Brazil)

The Villagers by Joseph Vasey (Australia)

The Way Home by Federico Olivetti (Italy)

Three Days and Three Nights by Yos Park (USA)

Tokenize Anything by Simone Cassas (USA)

Undo by CV Ramana (India)

We’re All Mad Here – Marquis Of Vaudeville by Toby Lawhon, Geneva Arena and David Antunes (USA)

White Noise by Ahmad Ghossein and Lucie La Chimia (Lebanon)

Why Are the Trees Pink by Trystan Millet (Canada)

Winterdream in Bavaria by Paul Hoehenberger (Germany)

You and Me by Mrigank Dubey (India)

You’ve Got Text by Matthew Moore (USA)