Honorable Mentions: September 2021

Best Indie Short: Midnight Sun by Sarah Warren (Canada)

Best Indie Short: Yéyé by Roxanne Paisan (Spain)

Best Drama Short11-95 by Paul S Lindsay (USA)

Best Drama ShortCome As You Are by Alyse Kane Riley (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Reaching Out From Within by David Brick (USA)

Best Documentary Short: We Three by Linna He (China)

Best Comedy Short24 Hours in Beijing by Laurence Carroll Brahm (USA)

Best Comedy ShortCreeped Out by Matt Holt (UK)

Best Dark Comedy ShortDamage and Shame by William Anthony Stancik (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortThe Plan by Gigi Burgdorf (UK)

Best Action Short: The Perfect Husband by Eddie Eniel (USA)

Best Crime Short: A Walk in the Shadows by Kevin Gibson (USA)

Best Thriller ShortThe Other Side by Dong Chen (China)

Best Mystery Short: The Past is a Graveyard by John Wilfred Roberson (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: Shadow and Souls by Judith Foster Thompson (USA)

Best Horror ShortThree Days Home by Simmons McDavid (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Can’t Run by Logan Shaw (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Ni Kallatho by Sujay Putchala and Mahaveer Abhimanyu (USA)

Best Experimental ShortEstonian Lullaby by Matvey Rezanov (USA)

Best Experimental ShortNamibia Photo Tour Timelapse by Martin Zalba (Spain)

Best Student ShortMiscellaneous by Joshua Anthony Ramirez (USA)

Best Student ShortTwo’s a Lesson by Joshua Urquhart (Australia)

Best Animation ShortCowboy by Gibb (USA)

Best Animation ShortNight, Knight Teddy by Nicholas Ryan Louviere and Adam Christopher Kohlenberg (USA)

Best Children Short: Co-kee! by Yessenia I. Calderon (USA)

Best Romantic ShortMatched by Russell Sorbello (USA)

Best Romantic ShortXo Stella by D.J. Holman (USA)

Best Women ShortDo Something by Peppur Chambers (USA)

Best Women ShortThe (Un)Making of a Woman by Rebecca L Lowry (USA)

Best MicrofilmExist by Niaz Parvaresh (USA)

Best MicrofilmThe Heart by Mike Colquhoun (France)

Best Music Video: Bohemian by Mari Makkonen and Riikka Silkala (Finland)

Best Music Video: Swept Away by Tom Baldinger (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Blocked by Anntreece Jones (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: TempaKILL – Season Two by Rick Williamson (USA)

Best Web and New Media: Gelker in the Treehouse by Moe Taylor and Kathryn Taylor (Costa Rica)

Best Web and New Media: Radio Gaga by Samuel Martin and Rahul Das (USA)

Best Mobile Short: Video Man by Peter Lundholm (USA)

Best Mobile Short: Waypoints by Cas Taylor (USA)

Best Parody ShortDon’t Ask Where I Live by Jennifer Wenger and Genevieve Marie (USA)

Best Director (Female): Alyse Kane Riley for Come As You Are (USA)

Best Director (Female): Chiara Sabatini for Carbonara Kids (France)

Best Director (Male): Justin Fong for Model (USA)

Best Director (Male): Paul S Lindsay for 11-95 (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Kelsey McGee for Crystal (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Jake Mason and Felix Wilding for Dark Cloud (UK)

Best Student Director (Male): Laurence Carroll Brahm for 24 Hours in Beijing (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Ella Mikayelyan and Gabriella Vore for Faultline (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Rebecca Towns for Waiting (Australia)

Best First Time Director (Male): Jay Chesson for Meet Me at Ours (Australia)

Best First Time Director (Male): Joshua Urquhart for Two’s a Lesson (Australia)

Best Actress: Bénédicte Lala Ernoult for Fotos (France)

Best Actress: Sudapa Ishikawa for Spaceman (Thailand)

Best Actor: Jean-François Pichette for Midnight Sun (Canada)

Best Actor: Robert Slotnick for The Snail (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Chase Offerle and Farah Shea for Come As You Are (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Nathan Ondracek and Lauren Byrd for Collapse! (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Julie Marie Hassett, Dori Toledo, Jeffrey S.S. Johnson, Paulette Smith, and Rick Williamson for TempaKILL – Season Two (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Silas Irwin, Maisie Owens, Tom Rodgers, Jan Hunt, and Nola Wallace for Billy Blue Eyes (Australia)

Best Editing: Kary H Sarrey for Song of the Same Night (USA)

Best Editing: Rike Boomgaarden, David Asambadze, Tamara Jatchvadz, and Francisco Rodriguez/Prime Studios for Bring Them Home (USA)

Best Production DesignFlorida (USA)

Best Sound Design: George Ramishvili for Guest (France)

Best Sound Design: Sam Auguste for More Than Time (UK)

Best Original Score: Danika Starrharrt for Did/Didn’t (USA)

Best Original Score: Jack Broza for Olive & Lynn (USA)

Best Original Story: J. Kiernan O’Brien for The Yellow Wallpaper (USA)

Best Original Story: Michelle L. Silva for Honey (USA)

Best Short ScriptHarold, Electra and our Lord, David Attenborough by Kirsty Zane (Australia)

Best Short ScriptHow to Lie to Yourself in Three Maybe Four Easy Lessons by Stoney Forde (USA)






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