Finalists: September 2021

#InstaFluenced by Derric Chambers (USA)

10th Floor by Charlie G (USA)

A Certain Romance by Miguel Vite (Mexico)

A New Conversation by Rob Sheely (USA)

A Stand for Damaged Fame by Kent J Arceneaux and David Luck (USA)

A Time of Fire by Mimi Garrard (USA)

An Qing by Riri He (USA)

Beware of the Dark by Miguel Pinedo (USA)

Black Butterflies by Dean Gribble (UK)

Boutique of Love: The Story of White Tree by Ron Sonedecker (USA)

Choices by Jalen Tellis (USA)

Constancia by Francisco Gacuya (USA)

Cyclic Psychosis by Stephen Balsamo (USA)

Dearly Departed by Sebastian Ibanez (USA)

Death to The N-Word by Sadiq Al-Aleem (USA)

Elle by Liliane Mutti (France)

Emma by Sarah de Groot (USA)

Famous Gays And Lesbians… Alleged And Otherwise by Thomas Connelly (USA)

Florence by Eugene Che (USA)

Hit N Run by Jeremy Benbow (USA)

I Feel A Stillness Growing by Jonah Lorsung (USA)

I Had An Affair With My Husband by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

I’ll Never Love Again by Clarence Williams IV (USA)

In the Corner of My Eye by Alicia Gong (China)

Inner Ability by Jordan Scott (USA)

Last Ride by Soda Persi (USA)

Leave a Message by Lenny Luo (Hong Kong)

Les Oranges by Scott A. Lopez (USA)

Lotus by Angelika Fürstler and Austin Ahlborg (France)

Mustang by Kateřina Kunčická (Czech Republic)

Napkin by Lee Fountain (USA)

Never by Christopher Logan (Canada)

Next Lifetime by Shacolby Shentell (USA)

Out of This World 2: Ricky Lyme and Sabrina Go to Space by Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Pepper & Cinnamon by Debi King McMartin (USA)

Private Lies by Sam Jenson (USA)

Reading by Yijie Yan (USA)

Recycle by Paul Ramshaw (USA)

Shared Earth by RJ Bruni (Canada)

She’s Still At It by Susan Felter (USA)

Shower Thoughts by Ben McLaughlin (USA)

Skulled02 – The Mask by Maggi (Iceland)

Son of My Father by Anthony Todd Palmer (USA)

Stream of Consciousness by Jesse Shore (USA)

Tangerine Labyrinth by Sam Friedman Freesun (USA)

The Animal by Nora 6592 (USA)

The Blue Mountain by Andrew Greve (USA)

The Day Harold Turned Left by Joshua Scott (USA)

The Fly by Mateusz (Matte) Kranz (USA)

The Last Bus to Nay Pyi Taw by Brandon Bloom and Jordan Satmary (USA)

The Miners Son by Juliette Short (UK)

The Park by David Lee (USA)

The Party by Jenny.D (Hong Kong)

The Quarantined Kid by Benjamin Meppen (USA)

The Uninvited Guest by Haijia Wu (China)

To The Ones Left by Robert Vaughn (USA)

Traveler by Erin Kavan (USA)

Waiting at Newkirk Avenue by Mike Burdick (USA)

What Is an Asian Life Worth? by Kai Vetteth (USA)

When It’s Your Turn by Brandon Smallwood and Stephanie Alecia Rose (USA)

Willow and Claude by Emma Hakansson (Australia)

With You Beside Me by Alexis Erey (USA)






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