Finalists: March 2022

A Cry in the Wilderness by Keensen Chambers (USA)

A World Turned Around by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

Aloha Soul Food by Lani Cupchoy (USA)

Bars and Tone Chapter Bridge by Sze Lung Ng (Hong Kong)

Billy Kills The Internet by Lon Strickland (USA)

Born Better: President Faulk by Daniel Pysczynski (USA)

Chains 2 Break by Theresa C. Gilford (USA)

Clear Water by Zhicheng Zhang (USA)

Cosmic Storm by Tane Mc Clure and Sandra Stenzel (USA)

Dear & Darling by Annabel Drake Everett (USA)

Diyar Hisma by Fahad Al Shahry (Saudi Arabia)

DNA by Dana Hammer (USA)

Don’t Cry by Hisham Zreiq (Germany)

DOPO YUMEmories by Jordan Galland (USA)

Emergency Musical Response by Cosmo Swevens (USA)

Final Call by Autumn Reeser (USA)

Fish Outta Water by Ben Goddard and Buck Goddard (USA)

Fuck You Finger by Markus Meedt (UK)

Glory & Injustice by Jamieson Tabb (USA)

Haunted Burqa by Hellen Rose (Australia)

Hollow by Guy Longstreet (USA)

Incapable Hearts by Brittany Bell (Australia)

Jericho Jericho – Myra (What You’re Suggesting) by James Waterman (USA)

Just for Us by Alex Deola (USA)

Listening by Jonathan Moore (USA)

Little Sparks of Paradise by Stefania Maggini (Italy) by Stephane Garneau-Monten (New Zealand)

Meet the Blooms by Mannary Park Films (USA)

Memory Game by Florenta Nicoleta Vatavu (UK)

Nightmare by Hassan Chammout (USA)

No Girls In The Dojo by Alps Lifee (UK)

Not How It Goes: Because She Moved On… by Clarence Williams IV (USA)

NSFW by Missy Jubilee (Australia)

Only A Dollar by Susie Sparkes (Australia)

Out There by Maura Lynch (USA)

Poop Shoes by Tamir Rawlings and Bradley Oliver Wilkinson-Veja (USA)

Real Men Cry by Jordan Scott (USA)

Tasteless by Shady Mawajdeh (USA)

The Last Bottle by Patrick Gamble (Australia)

The Man Who Can’t Stop Killing! by Chaitu Madiraju (USA)

The National by Cris Manliclic (USA)

The Variant by Richard Bruce Stirling (USA)

Trail Runner by Clint J Green (USA)

Trap-Toons Network by Radonte White (USA)

Truck Dad by Tamir Rawlings and Bradley Wilkinson (USA)

Vacuum by Efthimia Chasioti (Greece)

Welcome to Murderville by Dina McNeil (USA)

Who We Were by Ryan Spahn (USA)

Yes You Cans by Jaime Velez-Soto and Mark Lynch (USA)






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