Finalists: March 2021

#Hashtag – #ThePrice by Stephen Doe (USA)

A Great Depression by P. Edward Claypoole (USA)

A Social Lie by Kieran Short (UK)

Apparition in Orvieto by Michael Fantauzzi (Italy)

Bear and Fred by Keith Famie (USA)

Boggomad by Dylan Keeffe (USA)

Burger Day by Audrey di Faye (USA)

Chimera by Byron Naidoo (USA)

Companions to the Cosmos by Lottie Brown (UK)

Compel by Kev Watts (USA)

Dances with Clouds by Kyle B Wagstaff (USA)

Deeper Than Dentistry – Saving Grace by Vinnis Parnell III (USA)

Deerstalker by Richard Marra (USA)

Dr. Monsanto or: How I Learned to Stop Streaming and Love the Virus by Monica Phillips and Rick Phillips (USA)

Dreamlike Fish by Summer Choi (USA)

Elysian Fields by Junxian Ouyang (USA)

Enemy No More by Christopher Schultz (USA)

Eywa and her Dance Rebellion by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family by Thomas Connelly (USA)

Find your Inner Raoul by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

Gimme Some Wine: The Story of a Song by Mark Calderbank (UK)

Happy Birthday by Isabella Tagliati (USA)

Harry by David Musuraca and Matthew Arnold (USA)

Heel by Maggie Levin (USA)

Hide! by Matt Streeter (USA)

Hood Prophets by Anthony Jamari Thomas (USA)

I Am A Guardian by Bianca Butti and Claire Paparazzo (USA)

I Elect: Power Every Four Years by Ricky J. Martinez (USA)

I Had an Affair, or Did I? by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

Immortal by AnayaMusic (Brazil)

In the Light by Stephen Doe (USA)

Interview Philly – Episode 203 (The Next Level) by Abrham Bogale (USA)

LAU – The Flame by Naziha Mehmood (Pakistan)

Little Big Shot by Henry Segal (USA)

Lockdown by Ron Palais (USA)

Lost But Not Forgotten by Jason Sedlar (Canada)

Low Pro Po by Glenn McBride Jr, Jimmy Kelly, and Brannon Brass (USA)

Lucha & The Ekeko by Roger Edwards, Jr. (USA)

Magic Dream by Tomás Welss Barkan (Chile)

Memento by Alex Miller (USA)

My Mother is the Earth by Sebastian Danilo Willems (Germany)

Ourselves, in Stories by Marjee Chmiel (USA)

Over Exposed by Jordan Rassulo and Santiago Calogero (USA)

Pedacito de la Tierra by Lina Lyte Plioplyte (Mexico)

Perro de Calle by Jose Guerrero (USA)

Promises by Faye Brenner and Detra Hicks (USA)

Reminisce by Shay LaPierre (USA)

Salvatore by Junxian Ouyang (USA)

Saturn – Superflush by Jimmy Prosser (USA)

September 13, 2004 by Derrick Benton (USA)

She’s Perfect by Sheldon Maddux (USA)

Simin by Morteza Atash Zamzam (Iran)

Stay Positive by Janelle Berry (USA)

Stitchin Heaven by Paul Brenno (USA)

Suddenly Vulnerable – An Isolation Story by Christian Mushenko (Australia)

Tasteful Nudes by Sofia Dobrushin and Emma Rogers (USA)

The Audition by Vincent Paquot (France)

The Carducci Talent Show by Maria Figueras (USA)

The Classroom by Ryan Christian and Christopher Silva (USA)

The Demeter Revelation by John Petrizzi and Brad C. Hodson (USA)

The Distance Between Us by Ari Takahashi (Italy)

The Electric Bill by Max Burt (USA)

The In-Between Years by Bryan Williams and Brandon Beard-Reed (USA)

The Interview from Hell by Frank A DeChirico (USA)

The Store Run by Demeteius Hegwood (USA)

The Year of the Cat by Will Remmers (USA)

Then Came the Firestorm by Greg Roensch (USA)

What Lurks by Patty Ray (USA)






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