Bronze Awards: March 2021

Best Indie ShortPaper Airplane by Mingjie Tang (USA)

Best Drama ShortMoments by Jeremy Carr (USA)

Best Documentary ShortUnsettled by Mohamad Sadeq Esmaeeli (Iran)

Best Comedy ShortInconvenience Store by Danny Coolahan (Australia)

Best Dark Comedy Short: The Meeting by DC Evans (USA)

Best Thriller ShortOpen House by Tyson W Birmann (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortStuck In Love by Anne Marie Rocconi (USA)

Best Horror ShortWhitenoise by Byron Gamble, Raghav Ravichandran, Henry Moonrod, and Laura Ervin (USA)

Best Western Short: The Sins… by Lovie Johnson (USA)

Best Experimental ShortErr by Axel Cosnefroy and Antoine Poulet (France)

Best Student Short75 Cents by Safi Jafri (USA)

Best Animation ShortThe Coincidental Killing of a Cat by an Unworldly Tune by Maya Kurdoglu (Turkey)

Best Children Short: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, FL by Mariana Medina (USA)

Best Women ShortHollow Hour by April Mendozza (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortSolitude by Fabio Grossi (Italy)

Best Romantic Short: Even by Anna K. Long (USA)

Best MicrofilmCycle by Brendan Dwyer (Australia)

Best Screendance ShortThe One I Wanted To Be by Paula Higa (USA)

Best Music VideoAlone – Queen V by Jeff Musillo (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Brianna by Amir Rogers (USA)

Best Mobile Short: Body and Soul by Emmy Perry (USA)

Best Parody Short: The Wheelchair Stays In The Picture by Jeff Noblitt (USA)

Best Director (Female): Annie Y. Hui for One1 (China)

Best Director (Male): Eugene Khazin for Steel Will (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Emmy Perry for The Portrait (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Surui Guo for Ring (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Delia Hou and Juan Cupini for The Trash Can (Argentina)

Best First Time Director (Male): Alex Martinez for Spanky: Episodes 1-4 (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Emmy Perry for Body and Soul (USA)

Best Actress: Jessica Pinfield for Red Giant (USA)

Best Actor: Spencer Valenzuela for Spanky: Episodes 1-4 (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Ashley Deuell for Staccato (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Zoe Cannella for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, FL (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Cory Watts and Bruce Clifford for 75 Cents (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Danny Bass, Jessy Leigh, Sean Manos, Taylor Adams, Jesse DiFranco, Brendan Firem, Diana Franhauser, Rob Grant III, Greg A. Smith, and Julie Temple for The Meeting (USA)

Best Cinematography: Mykola Nick Kovalenko for Steel Will (USA)

Best Editing: Paul N Foster for Perdition (USA)

Best Production DesignSolitude (Italy)

Best Sound Design: Ryan Blount for Disturbance (USA)

Best Original Score: K.M. Joshi for Citizen Blaine (USA)

Best Original Story: Lovie Johnson and Patrick Caberty for The Sins… (USA)

Best Short ScriptZeda The Hunter by Alexandru Ranta Gheorghe (Romania)






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