Finalists: Annual Awards 2021

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2021.

The top 150 projects of the year were shortlisted from the pool of the 12 monthly round finalists between April 2020 and March 2021, chosen from 4 580 films from 84 countries overall.

From the 42 awardable categories it will be announced each top 3 nominations after the annual finalists are ranked once again by the judging committee of Independent Shorts Awards.

The nominees will be screened at the Raleigh Studios Hollywood during the 2021 Annual Awards event this Fall. More details will be disclosed as soon as possible.

@ana produced and directed by Pedro Melo (Brazil)

84-06 produced by Hussain Abdullah and Inci Demirbas, and directed by Hussain Abdullah (Germany)

A Call Above the Clouds produced and directed by Leeni Linna (USA)

A Glimpse produced by Rebecca Harris and directed by Tom Turner (UK)

A Hole produced by Lissandra Leite and directed by James Solomon (New Zealand)

A Mother’s Soliloquy produced by Daphne Daniels and directed by Cameron Kostopoulos (USA)

A Parable For Winter produced by Rookie Morgan, John Campeau, Noah Lydiard, and Birk Gran, and directed by Conor Soucy (USA)

A Trip with Mom produced by Chi Fang Ting and directed by Sophie Shui (Taiwan)

A Walk produced and directed by Zhehao Qiao (China)

Aborted Traffick produced by Bea W. Bliss and Brian D. Moody, and directed by Bea W. Bliss (USA)

Afloat produced by Idris Lettifi and Moussa Lettifi, and directed by Ève-Chems de Brouwer (France)

After Life Vacation produced by Maria Brasero and directed by Alberto Belli (Spain)

Algo_1 produced by Diego Martins, Gabi Brites, and Ana Turner, and directed by Diego Martins (Brazil)

All Blood Runs Red produced by Léa Morel, Paul Mignot, and William Blanc, and directed by Paul Mignot (France)

Although I Am Retired produced by You Zheng and directed by Tian Xun Feng (China)

Ankobo+Kaboo Wakangenei produced by Galina Kolchina, Ruslan Bikbaev, and Mikhail Goglov, and directed by Felix Umarov (Russia)

Another Satisfied Customer produced by Rex Reyes and directed by Peier “Tracy” Shen (USA)

Aquatic Bird produced by Chuhong Lian and directed by Nan Zhang (China)

Astray produced by Clement Productions, Barel Dove, and Terra Metaphysics, and directed by Josh Brainin and Ernest Kabashi (USA)

Athel produced by Hayfa Al Haidary and Afra Al Marar, and directed by Alyazia Nahyan (United Arab Emirates)

Away produced by Xiao Yixin and directed by Zhou Weijia (China)

Beached produced by Melanie Burgess and directed by James Renfroe (USA)

Better Half produced by Joe Calabrese in association with Saturday Morning, and directed by Pete Johnson and Adam Jones (USA)

Bluebell produced and directed by Sohaila Lindheim (Ireland)

Breaking Up for the Modern Girl produced by Ariana Marquis and directed by Sydney Nicole Herauf (Canada)

Calf Rope produced by Sarah Hawkins and directed by Bradley Hawkins (USA)

Circle of Salt produced by Mikhail Marizov and Samat Yuzeev, and directed by Kirill Novikov (Russia)

Come Back Soon produced by Punit Balan and directed by Mahesh Limaye (India)

Company produced by Oliver Chan Siu Kuen and directed by Tony Lam Tsz Him (Hong Kong)

Counterproductive produced by Ravin Raori and Yuqing Liu, and directed by Eva Tisnikar (UK)

Cupcake produced by Kathleen Gardner and Courtney Grace, and directed by Courtney Grace (USA)

Designation: Limbo produced and directed by Callum John (UK)

Devil’s Gold produced by Ade Darmawan, and directed by Alexander Sworik and Daniel Agre (Canada)

Doomsday Princess produced by Ringling College of Art and Design and directed by Alyssa Ragni (USA)

Double Exposure produced by Lisa Donmall-Reeve and directed by Daryl Getman (USA)

Down the Caravan produced by Jerry Lockett and directed by Sara Sugarman (UK)

Embodiment produced by Sara Barbara and directed by Ced Pakusevskij (Italy)

Falling Up and Up produced and directed by Daniel Dasent and Adam Campbell (USA)

Final Curtain produced by Jack Armstrong and directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)

Fine produced and directed by Maya Yadlin (Israel)

Flotsam produced and directed by Kjell Redal (USA)

Flush Lou produced by Madison Stewart Leonard and Harrison Holland-McGowan, and directed by Madison Stewart Leonard (USA)

Frames produced and directed by Audrey Seybold and Anna Remus (USA)

Fubar directed by Tom Van Immerseel (Belgium)

Funeral in Chongqing produced by Zeng Kaicheng and directed by Zeng Kaixin (China)

Gone with the Ocean produced by Jingyao He and directed by Bide Yuan (USA)

Gunther produced by Joel Wetterstein and directed by Ryan Rowley (USA)

Hands Up produced by Brittany Mayti, Angela White, and Errol Sadler, and directed by Angela White (USA)

Henry Needs a New Home produced by Elizabeth Malcher and directed by Seamus Murphy (Australia)

Hou’ley produced by Michael Bechard and directed by Alexander Sworik (Canada)

I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday produced by One Trick Pony and directed by Liesa Van der Aa (Belgium)

In Hope of Nothing produced by Frankie Fogg and directed by Peter Hamblin UK)

In the Shadow of the Tugtupite produced and directed by Inuk Jørgensen (Greenland)

Infinitus produced by Robert Wagner, Landsick Media, Lion el Aton, and Jody Carman, and directed by Cameron Currin (USA)

Interrupted produced by Giorgio Carlevaro, John Hua, Yuki Katayama, and David Parker, and directed by Giorgio Carlevaro (USA)

Jesse James produced and directed by Josef Steiff (USA)

Jimmy’s Tale produced by Luke Bishop, Daniel Hart Donoghue, and Zander Schaus, and directed by Daniel Hart Donoghue (USA)

Käpt’n produced by Claude König and Ben Blaskovi, and directed by Ben Blaskovi (Germany)

Kick produced by Jon Judelson, and directed by Alex Backes and Tanner Boyajian (USA)

Kilter produced by Olivia Hantken and directed by Rob Stanton-Cook (Australia)

Late Night Swim produced by Collin Chute, Sandy Pradas, George Pradas, and Jackson Magnini, and directed by Collin Chute (USA)

Lavender produced by Nicole Pott and directed by Andrew Ball-Shaw (UK)

Lea’s Secret produced and directed by Rico Gutierrez (Philippines)

Legacy produced by Jenö Hodi and Gabor Ferenczy, and directed by Jenö Hodi (Hungary)

Life Was Wonderful produced by Toy Alan and DJ Haye, and directed by Toy Alan (USA)

Looking For a New Place to Begin produced by Nicole Gullane, Rafael Nascimento, and Barbara Ohana, and directed by Henrique Sauer (Brazil)

Lost Dance produced and directed by Mohammad Fouladi (France)

Lucky, Lucky produced by Nils Terton and directed by Jonah Lindley (Australia)

Maestro produced by Emily Korteweg, Fabien Colas, and Eva Doležalová and directed by Eva Doležalová (USA)

Major Moment – The Flood produced by Matt Blanchette, and directed by Tyler Ayers and Andrey Borzykin (USA)

Mankind produced by Iranian Youth Cinema Society and Mohammadreza Nourmandipour, and directed by Mohammadreza Nourmandipour (Iran)

Marie-Luise produced by Marion H von Loewenstern and directed by Hervine De Boodt (Germany)

Miles To Go Before I Sleep produced by Xiaohan Zhang and Kunqi Yang, and directed by Xiaohan Zhang (USA)

Mira produced by Chaya Greenberg and directed by Daniel Finkelman (Ukraine)

Mirror produced by Pooria Ansari and directed by Faranak Sahafian (USA)

No Entry produced by Jia Yuqing and directed by Guo Dongxun (Japan)

Not Enough produced by Grown Kid, The French accent, Julien Sapience, Gilles Guibert, and Portrait Robot, and directed by Jul & Gil (France)

Notebook produced by Mattia Fiumani and Marco Vescovo, and directed by Mattia Fiumani (Italy)

Nova produced by Kelly Kula and directed by David McAbee (USA)

Ole, Benni und der Rest des Universums produced and directed by Anna Ludwig (Germany)

On a Whim produced by Asya Nikolaeva and Unique Cooper, and directed by Asya Nikolaeva (Ukraine)

On The Floor produced by Collin Medford, Jonathan Peck, and Corey Koepper, and directed by Corey Koepper (USA)

On the Mountain produced by Pamela Torrance and Jacqueline Cowgill, and directed by Jacqueline Cowgill (USA)

Pace produced by Simon Lennon, Danny Miller, and Daniel Jillings, and directed by Danny Miller (UK)

Paradoxical Dream produced and directed by Mohammad Khaki (Iran)

Perdition produced by Micah Lyons and Paul N Foster, and directed by Paul N Foster (USA)

Permafrost produced by Aeryn Lee and Gentry Lee, and directed by Aeryn Lee (USA)

Piece of Mind produced by Chiraag Patel and directed by Oliver Lavery-Farag (UK)

Place du Trocadero produced and directed by Mathieu Cayrou and Pierre Léon Luneau (France)

Please, Have a Seat! produced by Aysel Lyatifova and directed by Eteri Nioradze (Russia)

Raze of the Cyborg produced by Young-H. Lee, Peter Huang, Ken Chou, and Alice Guo, and directed by Young-H. Lee (Taiwan)

Red Giant produced by Olha Kaly, Alyssa Schroeter, and Jessica Pinfield, and directed by Leven Rambin (USA)

Residue produced by Nela Khalfieva and directed by Kai Lendzion (USA)

Roam produced by Cain Angelle and directed by David Jung (USA)

Ruins of Castle Island produced by Rafael Cemo Çetin and Ellis Kaan Özen, and directed by Ellis Kaan Özen and Sam Hughes (Turkey)

Rum Go! produced by Working Brilliantly and directed by Markus Thorington (USA)

Run Rabbit Run produced and directed by Ilya Polyakov (USA)

Seawolf directed by Alexander Sworik (Canada)

Señor produced by The London Film School, Masha Clark, and Conrad Clark, and directed by Masha Clark (UK)

Signs of a Coming Fall produced by Tommy Stein, Peter Swanson, and Manson Thomas, and directed by Peter Swanson (USA)

Singing Alone With A Farewell produced by Huihui Lou and directed by Yi Xiong (China)

Skitoz produced by Louise Meschini and Fabrice Bensahkoun, and directed by Alexis Perrotte and Diego Perrotte (France)

Sole Searching in San Francisco produced by Eric David Tippett and Robert Pasquale, and directed by Peter Allas and Eric David Tippett (USA)

Something About Bubbles produced by Jean Batthany, Graham Brown, and Mark Cheng, and directed by Mark Cheng and Graham Brown (USA)

Songkran produced by Bank Tangjaitrong and Ben Robertson-Macleod, and directed by Bank Tangjaitrong (Thailand)

Spending Time With You produced by Josh Pafchek, Sam Jones, Landon Tavernier, and Brooke Maroon, and directed by Robert Joshua Pafchek (USA)

Star Child produced and directed by Alex Guéry (France)

Stick To Manual produced by UCF SVAD and directed by Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold, and Heather Knott (USA)

Stolpersteine – Stumbling Stones produced by Mira Harnischmacher and Reza Sam Mosadegh, and directed by Reza Sam Mosadegh (Germany)

Straw Man produced by Aditya Vempaty and Erik He, and directed by Alexander Casimir (USA)

Superhuman directed by Michael Jener, Mathias Jener, and Lisa Brandt (Germany)

Tag produced and directed by Alexander Callens (USA)

Talk produced and directed by Romuald Boulanger (France)

Tan produced by Adrian Younge and Andrew Lojero, and directed by Adrian Younge (USA)

Tell Tale Signs produced by Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy and Helga Greggio, and directed by Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy (UK)

Thatching Eggs produced by Max Marlow and Anna Roan, and directed by Max Marlow (UK)

The Anniversary produced and directed by Michael Lubin (USA)

The Ballad Of Boot Knife Belle produced by Christopher Lantry, Randall Bazin, and Jordan Rego, and directed by Christopher Lantry (USA)

The Blood Bride produced by Humphrey Gibbs, Jesse Algranti, Hannah McKibbin and Caspar Leopard, and directed by Hannah McKibbin and Caspar Leopard (UK)

The Bowl produced by Özgür Akbaş and directed by Emrah Güzelkokar (Turkey)

The Cage produced by Baihanying Hou and directed by Hengrui Zhang (USA)

The Climbing Perch produced by Christian Moldes, Blake Vaz, Rudy Marquez, and Daniel Gomez Bagby, and directed by Daniel Gomez Bagby (USA)

The Clone… produced by Valerii Petrov and Pavel Gusev, and directed by Valerii Petrov (Russia)

The Fall Line produced by Emily Muhulland and directed by Maryann Lonergan (USA)

The Garage produced by Julie Berke, Jay Lay, and Chris Vincent, and directed by Daniel McMellen (USA)

The Gentle Art Of Violence produced by Andrew Przybytkowski, Benoit Beaulieu, and Marc Côté, and directed by Andrew Przybytkowski (Canada)

The Kitchen Hierarchy produced by Panida Harnsakul and directed by Namoh Kongdhan (Thailand)

The Last Pizza produced by Gert Kombate and Lexi Chen, and directed by Gert Kombate (China)

The Little Thief produced by Jervis Li and directed by Nicole Vanden Broeck (USA)

The Menu for Tomorrow produced and directed by Kazuhiro Kiuchi (Japan)

The Night Shift produced and directed by Jinwei Fan (USA)

The Silence produced by Juraj Štepka and Stanislav Mičev, and directed by Juraj Štepka (Slovakia)

The Spray produced by Lillian Rosa and directed by Uwe Flade (Germany)

The Ties That Bind Us produced by Patricia Chavez and Alejandro Victorero, and directed by Patricia Chavez (USA)

The Two Missing Hours produced by Armored Pictures and directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut (USA)

Third Time’s A Charm produced by Alice L Walker, Nathan Winfield Wallace, Jason Faircloth, and Lucas Benitez, and directed by Alice L Walker (USA)

Time & Days produced by Massimo Belluzzo and directed by Alessia Buiatti (Italy)

Tricked produced by Ringling College of Art and Design, and directed by Mengyuan Guo, Naicheng Liu, and Suhn Young Chung (USA)

Truce produced by Sa’ed Arouri and directed by Saleh Khataybeh (Jordan)

Trust produced by Santiago Calogero, Boris Isaac, and Jennifer Levinson, and directed by Santiago Calogero (USA)

Two Options produced by Gon Caride, Arturo M. Merelo, Andrés Caride, and Diane Malherbe, and directed by Gon Caride (France)

Under the Flag produced by Danwen Lei and Fernando Barajas, and directed by Jiawei Cheng (USA)

When I’m at Home produced by Tijana Drakulic and directed by Ivana Todorovic (Serbia)

White Lines, Orange Pill Bottles produced by Tanner Gordon and Alena Savostikova, and directed by Tanner Gordon (USA)

Who Am I produced and directed by Iain He, Boyi Li, and Tianshu Liu (USA)

Wiley produced and directed by Johanna Ort (USA)

Winter produced by Guodong Yu and Bradley Hawkins, and directed by Guodong Yu (China)

Wireless produced and directed by Criss Gidas (Australia)

Witchin’ produced by Gregory M. Schroeder and directed by Christina Diamantara (USA)

With Arms Wide Open directed by George Paraschiv (Romania)

Woods in The Rain produced by Jim Zou and Chengying Zou, and directed by Jim Zou (China)

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