The story is placed in a near future when artificial intelligence has reached singularity and human lives become infinite, so nobody really dies.
Jette, the protagonist, is working for the Corporation as an Eraser Agent.
In the future people ensure their body and data so they can be reincarnated. They are given the choice to erase themselves and by doing so the algorithm will not be able to reconstruct them and make their next instance, so they will not have to live their life again.
Jette is erasing them and she is doing her job with passion. She really believes that she is freeing their souls, like the ancient civilisations did when they burned their members and let them sail on the river.
The film is built with temporal flashbacks and a non-linear narrative in which real and virtual worlds intertwine, alternating scenes in which “the Agent” remembers the moment she was interviewed by the Corporation to get the job, to moments when she meets with the characters who are deliberately seduced by her and her power.
At some point she understands that herself could also be caught in the reincarnation loop and then she meets her deeper meaning. She starts questioning if their clients were really alive, and what kind of life and purpose she is fulfilling.

Directed by Ced Pakusevskij (Italy)

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