Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.9 – Women II (Sunday 12th, 3.15pm – 4.40pm)


The girl Xi An admires her neighbor Xiao Mi. During the two gettings along, she found that Xiao Mi’s marriage was not happy, and Xi An began to find ways to help her escape. However, something unexpected happened.

Directed by Zhou Weijia (China)

A Trip with Mom

In order to take care of his old mother, who has lost her intelligence and is disabled, Xia Changming remains unemployed at home.

Directed by Sophie Shui (Taiwan)


A young journalist comes to Los Angeles to interview a world-renowned conductor.

Directed by Eva Doležalová (USA)

On a Whim

Lora is a suffocating beauty aching to experience something physical other than her routine panic attacks. Her husband Paul, a rugged elitist, sees her only as his contemporary trophy. And tonight, on his birthday, Lora finds it harder than ever to keep her cool in front of the last minute guest she wasn’t expecting.

Directed by Asya Nikolaeva (Ukraine)