Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.1 – Experiments (Sat 11th, 10am-11.35am)


“Whispers” is a visual poem, an abstract tale, the story of a girl’s forsaken but never forgotten dreams. They are growing inside her, and even when she discards them, the Boiler man is there to gather the precious fantasies and keep them alive.

Directed by Bruno Dayan (USA)

World premiere

The Enigma Men – Marquis Of Vaudeville

A secret order races to save a lost soul.

Directed by Toby Lawhon and Geneva Arena (USA)

1814 Frost Fair

During the Little Ice Age of the 17th to early 19th centuries the River Thames completely froze over on eight occasions and London witnessed a series of historic spectacles – The Frost Fairs. In 1814, thousands flocked onto the thick ice to witness and enjoy an impromptu mix of festival, circus, and street show.

Directed by Julia Fullerton-Batten (UK)

Lion Panther She-Wolf

A man wakes up lost in a dark place in the middle of the journey of his life.

Directed by Veras Fawaz (Netherlands)

294 Notes

294 notes – taken from an anomymous online survey where people were asked about personal fears. It shows the subjective sensation of anxiety in its different dimensions and absurd proportions. Experimental documentary.

Directed by Julie Gaston (Germany)

God’s Gracie

When Gracie, a thirteen year-old Fundamentalist Christian, meets Heidi, an agnostic lesbian driving back from her mother’s funeral, Gracie must find a new approach to save a soul.

Directed by Chateau Bezerra (USA)

The Box

A simple plant worker – a Man – loses his home after being fired from his job. He settles down in a box at a waste ground where he finds a dead body. The police arrest the Man and accuse him of murder. The Man does not plead himself guilty but the court does its best to prove him wrong. Even the Dead Body defends the Man but the officials, the police and the press make him admit his guilt.

Directed by Gezilda Lima (Russia)