Chaplin Theater: Block 1.9 – Indies (Sunday 12th, 4.45pm – 6.20pm)

Final Curtain

Everything in aspiring actor Finn O’Connor’s life seems to be going nowhere. As much as he despises it, Finn’s job waiting tables at the upmarket Luna restaurant was the only thing keeping his head above water but maybe his luck is about to change as his shift coincides with the attendance of famous director Brendan Bloom.

Directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)


When 11-year-old Dunya decides to accompany her father on his wine delivery route, a chance encounter with her father’s old love confronts her with the mystery of who her father is and more perilously – who he used to be.

Directed by Masha Clark (UK)

In Hope of Nothing

With nothing more than an idea, a shit load of hope and a story board, a group of filmmakers cast their dreams on the impossible.

Directed by Peter Hamblin (UK)

The Silence

“The Silence” is the sad legacy of a small country. It accompanied the war years and reigns today, when the holocaust deniers are back in parliament. How can we bring the silent majority to life? Filmmakers, influencers and museums all came together to make a tribute to the last of those who were not silent: the 92-year-old musician Vlado Strmeň. Will he be the last or not?

Directed by Juraj Štepka (Slovakia)

North America premiere