Chaplin Theater: Block 1.5 – Crimes (Sunday 12th, 10am-11.25am)

Circle of Salt

An intense, psychological thriller tackling themes of rebellion and police violence, the video tells the tale of an antihero whose troubled personality stems from a suppressed childhood. As he becomes an adult, the protagonist, played by Russian actor Alexander Kuznetsov begins taking the anger out on the people around him.

Directed by Kirill Novikov (Russia)


Ana is an ambitious girl who has found a way to earn a living on social media and is willing to take a lot of chances to achieve success and recognition.

Directed by Pedro Melo (Brazil)

World premiere

Two Options

In the country of freedom, equality and fraternity, in this new Europe without borders, besieged by fear and intolerance, a polish immigrant will have to face the reality of racism.

Directed by Gon Caride (France)

Los Angeles premiere

The Last Pizza

Pizza is a food we usually share with each other, unless it’s the very last one.

Directed by Gert Kombate (China)


After a local break-in, a suburban man purchases illegal firearms in an attempt to protect his home.

Directed by Ryan Rowley (USA)

World premiere

The Garage

A summer job changes everything for a young man in Indiana.

Directed by Daniel McMellen (USA)


The Climbing Perch

On the verge of death, a man must decide whether or not to trust a stranger with questionable intentions.

Directed by Daniel Gomez Bagby (USA)

California premiere