Independent Shorts Awards


San Francisco, 1967: “Wild Bill” balances fatherhood with a lifestyle born in the Summer of Love, and turns to robbing banks to feed his family. Based on a true story.
Directed by Sarah London (USA)

End of the Night

A chance encounter with death and a vital clue pull an LA actor into a dangerous web of love and power.
Directed by Alexander Weinberg (USA)


Accompanied by omnipresent, imaginary commercials two friends drive home with their new toilet seat. It was on discount but has a rather special design, which leads to a hefty discussion about noses and sea mammals.
Directed by Eva Amann (Austria)

Lisa At Large

An idealistic young woman living in Los Angeles strives to be a journalist of substance but ends up working for a third-rate celebrity gossip network.
Directed by Eliot Gurrin (USA)

Bang Bang Goes the Gun!

In a world on and around the stage, “Bang Bang Goes the Gun!” tips it’s hat to old Hollywood. A play on today’s headlines, this film takes you on a journey that has you asking the age-old question, “What would YOU do for fame?”
Directed by Thomas Everly (USA)

Beffroi: Faint

A bully of about twenty-five has a tumultuous daily life where violence and the sale of drugs with his friends mingle. But as soon as he has a moment of respite, he escapes to the luxurious neighborhoods of the city. A house particularly interested him, that of the model family, perfect in all respects but who hides his game well. No one knows what drives him to flee to this house and what binds him to this family that opposes everything.
Directed by O’nonto Zaman (Belgium)

Where the Jungle Ends

Haunted by a past of abandonment as a missionary child in the Philippines, Charles is facing the wolf again this time he sees him clearly. Wolf versus the man who will win? “Where the Jungle Ends” is inspired by the death of the director’s brother and is a mixed media animation exploring his personal journey into the decisive moments of his life.
Directed by Joe Stucky (USA)

Knock 3 Times

A dark comedy that has Trinity coming to terms with her husband Trip’s OCD. But be careful what you wish for, as there are always unseen consequences, unseen by many, does not mean that a pattern does not exist, or does it?
Directed by Jerry Dalton (USA)

Unhappy Holiday

Though we generally associate the holidays with merry and bright feelings, let’s face it, a Christmas of blue is certainly familiar to us all, and singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi does a masterful job conveying a tears-in-your-beer holiday scenario with her new song and music video “Unhappy Holiday.” The video, shot in Nashville, TN, harkens back to the classic honky-tonk, whiskey drinking, and live music playing Music City, and the vintage country aesthetic suits the classic country sound of the tune perfectly. In the video, Garibaldi plays a heartbroken singer, crooning, “So God help me find strength in this lonely, numbing drink ‘cause I don’t want to have an unhappy holiday,” as her bandmates try to console her while the rest of the bar patrons are full of holiday cheer. The scenes also include a magical Christmas tree farm and a cozy nook by the fire. But don’t let the title “Unhappy Holiday” fool you; watch the video through to the end to see the true Christmas spirit take full effect.
Directed by Anna Haas (USA)