Block 7. Horror & Other Mysteries

Regal LA Live, Cinema #13 – 2.40pm-4.15pm

Old Time Radio: Your Move

We find ourselves back in the macabre world of Old Time Radio. Riktus Grim and his half-brother, Edward Mise, have once again managed to climb their way out of their graves and make their way up to the ancestral home for a simple game of chess. What could go wrong…?

Directed by Academy Award winner Joel Harlow (USA)


Something Behind The Walls

A 1930s reporter travels to an isolated farm to investigate mysterious events and discovers an unspeakable nightmare behind the walls. Soon, the survival of the entire household is pitted against the horrific evil.

Directed by Kit Wilson (USA)



After his car breaks down in an isolated area, a schizophrenic young man is faced with the challenge of reaching San Francisco. A seemingly kind stranger offers him shelter for the night, but beneath her charming demeanor lies a sinister secret.

Directed by Riccardo Constant (USA)



Shane became increasingly obsessed with spying on his neighbor Jen from his apartment. But he wasn’t expecting to capture evidence of a mysterious and ominous Black Figure in her house.

Directed by Leon Sandy Mitchell (USA)


Means to an End

A sexy young woman seeks out married men to seduce in a bar in an effort to get pregnant, but her intentions for the baby are unexpected.

Directed by Tanya Wheeler (New Zealand)



Starring Tony Award winning actor Gabriel Ebert, “Lineage” is the story of two brothers who meet for their annual hunting trip after their Father’s death, where they soon discover that they are the one’s being hunted.

Directed by Finnegan Haid (USA)

California premiere


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