Block 12. Indies

Regal LA Live, Cinema #14 – 4.10pm-6pm

Traces on the Wall

The spinal cord injury of the protagonist leads to paralysis. After several unsuccessful suicide attempts, he accidentally discovers a small ray of hope to live on.

Directed by Asel Abakirova (Kyrgyzstan)

World premiere


Mespil in the Dark

Aidan Gillen stars as Anthony Patterson. He packs away his belongings in boxes including the only novel he ever wrote which he is sending to his son. He has a list of jobs to complete. He is methodical. He is calm, clinical, going about the business of a man preparing to leave the world. A man who seems relieved to have made the decision. But the most painful thing will be a last zoom call with his son.

Directed by Gavin Quinn (Ireland)

California premiere


Kombucha Cure

Dr. Mara Cohen (Tamara Braun) is sent by her boss Gabriela (Denise Boutte) at Doctors Own Health Insurance to find out what is going on with the rising costs. After meeting the patients, residents, and doctors in an eccentric quirky town, her life finds new purpose.

Directed by Cecilia Choi (USA)


Jelly Bean

A portrait of Reyzl, a queer woman who is earnestly seeking romance on dating apps that she can not hack. Lacking any strategy to vet a perfect match, Reyzl decides to date whoever the algorithms choose.

Directed by Nessa Norich (USA)



A burnt out sales men in his 60s re visits his small home town to write a story about it and finds himself back in time. Starring Dallas star Charlene Tilton and Tony Stavola.

Directed by Dale Fabrigar (USA)

California premiere


Borrowed Time

Based on a true story. Olivia has a complicated relationship with her mother who suddenly calls her to go back home. A story of loss and growth between three generations of women, this day will define Olivia for years to come.

Directed by Ginevra Gentil (UK)

Los Angeles premiere


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