Award Winners: March 2023

Best Short of the Season & Best Foreign-Language Short of the Season (Special Jury Awards)

Dark Cell by Jean-Michel Tari (France)

Awards of Excellence (Special Jury Mentions)

August by Eli McGowan (USA)

A Dishonourable Death by Blok (UK)

Old Time Radio: Your Move by Joel Harlow (USA)

Best Shorts of the Season (Runners-up)

Caroline by Riccardo Constant (USA)

Dasher by Joaquim Adrià Pujol (USA)

That’s Enough Now Thanks by Aquila Chase-Daniel (USA)

The Risk Takers by Xano Alexander Cuervo (USA)

Vividream by Matteo Di Loreto (Denmark)

Water Dawg by Christopher Baiza (USA)

Platinum Awards

Best Drama ShortAugust by Eli McGowan (USA)

Best Documentary ShortOppenheimer After Trinity by Trent J. DiGiulio and Larry L. Sheffield (USA)

Best Romantic ShortThat’s Enough Now Thanks by Aquila Chase-Daniel (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortA Dishonourable Death by Blok (UK)

Best Thriller ShortCaroline by Riccardo Constant (USA)

Best Horror ShortWater Dawg by Christopher Baiza (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortDark Cell by Jean-Michel Tari (France)

Best Experimental ShortDasher by Joaquim Adrià Pujol (USA)

Best Student ShortAugust by Eli McGowan (USA)

Best MicrofilmFarewell to a Legend: The Last Blast by Bryn Downing (UK)

Best Screendance ShortVividream by Matteo Di Loreto (Denmark)

Best Music VideoThe Rebellion by Gabriel Hostetler (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotThe Risk Takers by Xano Alexander Cuervo (USA)

Best Male Director: Jean-Michel Tari for Dark Cell (France)

Best Student Male Director: Eli McGowan for August (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Blok for A Dishonourable Death (UK)

Best Actor: Curt Neill for Livable Measure of Miserableness (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: George Basil for Livable Measure of Miserableness (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Alain Figlarz, Juliette Tresanini, Jonathan Pineau Bonetti, Pol White, Eric Debrosse, and Christel Wallois for Dark Cell (France)

Best Cinematography: Dark Cell (France)

Best EditingDark Cell (France)

Best Production Design: Mary Smit for August (USA)

Best Visual FXDark Cell (France)

Best Special FX: Old Time Radio: Your Move (USA)

Best Sound DesignDark Cell (France)

Best Original ScoreDark Cell (France)

Best Original Story: Jean-Michel Tari for Dark Cell (France)

Best Short ScriptJust Outside of Victory by Justin Wheelon (USA)






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