2023 Annual Awards: Dallas Star Charlene Tilton at the screening of “Leydenville”

Legendary “Dallas” star Charlene Tilton is one of the special guests of this year’s event, on September 16th at Regal LA Live.

Charlene attends the screening of her new film “Leydenville“, in Block 12, along with her co-star Tony Stavola, director Dale Fabrigar and producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis.

Charlene is nominated for Best Supporting Actress of the Year, while Tony Stavola is a contender for Best Actor of the Year. “Leydenville” is also nominated for Best Indie Short of the Year.

The film revolves around a burnt out sales men in his 6os who decides to re visit his small home town to write a story about it ending up to find himself back in time.

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