The Miami Kids and The Maya

The Miami Kids and The Maya

We follow the incredible journey of Victoria, a Venezuelan migrant, as she uncovers a powerful story of resilience, hope, and cultural revival amidst the backdrop of the Guatemalan-Mayan genocide. Victoria’s path leads her to the heart of the Guatemalan Mayan Center and SALTT, a remarkable high school club dedicated to preserving Mayan heritage and supporting displaced families.

As she bonds with Mayan families who, like her, have sought refuge in the United States, Victoria embarks on a quest to unravel the historical truths behind this tragic chapter. Through the firsthand accounts of survivors like Natividad and Olga, ‘The Miami Kids And The Maya’ unveils the heart-wrenching tales of forced migration and the enduring spirit of those who have overcome unimaginable adversity.

This compelling documentary also introduces us to the diverse perspectives of individuals like Irish Protestant priest Frank O’Loughlin, Swedish photographer Ulf Aneer, and passionate activist Gamwell. Through their eyes, we gain a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by undocumented workers, shedding light on the injustices they endure daily.

Ultimately, it offers a message of hope and unity, highlighting the vital role played by the Maya Center and the SALTT program in fostering a sense of belonging and cultural pride among the displaced Mayan community. The film’s powerful conclusion issues a stirring call to action: replicating the SALTT program and extending its transformative impact to other marginalized communities throughout the United States.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery, compassion, and advocacy as we explore the untold stories of the past and illuminate a path toward a brighter, more inclusive future. ‘Miami Kids And The Maya’’ is a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit and the profound impact of community-driven initiatives.”

Directed by Victoria Alonso Noujaim (USA)

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