Preschool to Prison

Preschool to Prison


Countless children are educationally lynched in the United States with labels such as emotionally disturbed and intellectually disabled, resulting in children under the age of 8 to be shuffled from school to prison for minor infractions; Meanwhile investors are cashing in on this new form of slavery with Black & brown children being disproportionately impacted the most.


Preschool to Prison is a compelling examination of how the United States public school system is built and operated like prisons. Zero-tolerance policies are used to justify suspension and arrests that set up a pathway to send children of color and children with special needs to go from school to prison. Children are being suspended, restrained, dragged, physically manhandled, and subsequently arrested for minor offenses such as throwing candy on a school bus. These personal accounts from people affected by the school to prison pipeline give riveting tales about the generational impact on society.

Directed by Dr. Karen Baptiste (USA)

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