Replica is a choreographic film staging human nature. The one where humans become ‘normalized’ and adhere more and more to a form of standardization. In this quest, time remains the key because it is after it that humans run, in search of eternal youth. Time, space-time and the time loop remain the enigma of Replica.

Uniformity of everyday life, morals, beauty, styles, ambitions of life, of evolving in society, of loving, of appearing… Each one is an umpteenth replica of the one who thought he was different, in a world where authenticity is dying. In this world where the gaps between “the normal” and “the marginal” are widening, will a simple glance from a small group driven by the love of dance be enough to break the invariable loop in which these replicas seem condemned to wander? And perhaps finally bring to light the beauty of all differences.

« One becomes the replica of the one who sows normality, in an era where normalisation is king » SimonaGun & Mes Lesne.

Directed by SimonaGun aka, Nicolas Simon and Virna Hagen Auvergne (France)

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