The two girls, Carissa and Avery, do not leave the classroom after class, and Avery takes advantage of the soft light to cover Carissa’s research and play peekaboo. In the process of the game, Carissa does not know what the point of the game is. She keeps telling Avery that she does not want to continue with the game but is not answered by Avery. When she looks for Avery, she is taken to another space.

In the space, she sees the argument between Avery and her, and she re-examines their relationship from a third-person perspective throughout the argument. Before she recovers, she is taken to another dimension, where she sees herself discussing love with Avery also from the third person perspective.

After completing the two time-travels, she returns to the present. Carissa removes the blindfold and is ready to make some changes for the future for both of them.

Directed by Qing Gan (China)

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