Affentanz - Hunter

Affentanz – Hunter

The name of the song says it all: The hunter on the prowl. A deer in a scope. A finger on the trigger. But then – a crack. A smack from a faceless hooded figure. A knock out and darkness. From there everything will be different.
Deep in the forest: After an indefinite time, the hunter woke up. But not only does he not know what happened – he is completely naked. Frightened and confused, he stumbles through the forest until he meets another man. He too – naked. And while both are still laughing hysterically about their situation, a shot interrupts her laughter, blood splatters and the real hunt begins. But who the faceless hunters really are and why they hunt, we only find out at the very end. And the resolution is certainly not what you would expect.

Directed by Cyprian Hercka (Germany)

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