Not all is lost

Not all is Lost

Not all is lost
Not all is lost

Social media obsessed Ashley neglects her friends in real life to such an extent that she comes across the death of her friend via Facebook, which causes her to rethink.

Low Budget short script! The set is all in one apartment. Easy to shoot. Woman lead character. POC, WOC, LBGTQ

Born in New York, Ashley, (50+), POC, lives married to Olga, WOC, (mid 50s) and their cat Molly. Ashley is a watercolour artist.
However, she is currently at home, recovering from her hip surgery and all day long glued to social media. Her wife runs a new yoga studio and is vegan, unlike Ashley. She’s getting fatter, scrolling through Instagram while sitting on the water closet for ages. It is nothing unusual that she likes her followers and comments their posts. Frustrated and bad-tempered, she berates Olga who urges her to call her friends and to congratulate Daniel for his birthday, when she finds out, browsing Facebook, that her gay friend died months ago.
Her attitude changes and she immediately calls her much older friend to hear about her godson. She must realise, that she has missed out on real life, with all Claudia confesses to her. The list of horrors is endless. Until, in the last sequence, the I-pad switch from talking to video. Olga and Ashley watch Claudia having sex with a girl much younger than themselves.. They are all glad to be in touch again and to be able to talk to like-minded people.

Written by Sophie von Rheden (Spain)

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