The Keys

The Keys

Twenty-five-year-old Blake Hennessy comes home one late night and settles into his small, messy beach house. When Blake finds out he’s missing his wallet, he goes to check in his 2002 Ford Explorer for it. Only then does he find out that his keys are also locked in the car. With no spare car key to get in, Blake attempts to find a way into the truck but with no success. With very limited options, Blake calls the only 24/7 locksmith available.

As Blake waits for the locksmith, he hears some concerning noise upstairs. Not expecting anyone to be home, Blake grabs a knife and inspects the house. As Blake soon realizes, there is no one there. Relieved, Blake heads downstairs and is shocked to find Carl, the 24/7 locksmith, sitting on the couch glancing over at an old book of Blake’s. After the two of them eventually break the ice, Carl attempts to retrieve the keys.

After multiple failed attempts to unlock the 2002 Ford Explorer, Carl and Blake settle back inside where Carl eventually breaks the news that he’s not actually a locksmith and reveals his true identity as Death. Shocked by this revelation, Blake is forced to figure out a way to escape death.

Directed by Saneesh Feisal (USA

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